Belts and Hoses

Did you know worn belts and hoses are the most common reason for cars breaking down?

This includes your car’s timing belt, drive belt, fan belt, radiator hoses, and coolant hoses. You can avoid being left on the side of the road by having your belts and hoses checked every time you come in for any service at our shop.

A belt is made of rubber and can become dry and crack due to age, heat, cold, and normal wear and tear. Engine vibration can also cause belts to become loose.

Since your car’s belts make about 30 million revolutions per year – they work hard – so, take care of them.

Our shop follows the manufacturers’ service guidelines for maintenance services, including belt and hose replacement. We have access to factory maintenance schedules for most makes and models on the road. So, when you visit us, we’ll ask you to provide your car’s schedule and print it out for your review.

Be Smart. Avoid Problems. Save Money.