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Differential Service At Dan R’s Automotive : Vive ala Difference

Every sedan on Ohio interstates has a differential, and it is critical to the proper operation of the vehicle, but most Oregon motorists don’t have a clue what it is. The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a much shorter distance than the […]

All Lined Up: Wheel Alignment Service At Dan R’s Automotive

When all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving in Perrysburg can cause your sedan’s wheels to be out of alignment. Driving for an extended time in Perrysburg when you’re out […]

Battery Replacement at Dan R’s Automotive

Hello, welcome to Dan R’s Automotive. Today’s topic is batteries. It seems like everything in Rossford runs on batteries. Of course, the batteries we’re most concerned with here at Dan R’s Automotive are those in our vehicles. Car batteries wear out just like any other battery and need to be replaced. There are a couple […]

Hitting The Brakes In Maumee

Let’s talk about brakes. Braking, as all drivers know, is slowing or stopping a vehicle. As you can imagine, brakes are engineered to work well on a particular vehicle application. For example, you would expect more powerful brakes on a heavy-duty pickup that routinely hauls big loads and pulls trailers, than you would on a […]

The Importance Of Oregon Drivers Following Service Intervals

Today in our Dan R’s Automotive blog, we’re going to talk about following recommended service intervals. Your sedan isn’t the only aspect of your life in Oregon with recommended intervals: Let’s start with twice yearly dental cleaning. And physical exams. How about laundry, mowing the lawn and paying the bills? Now, what would happen if […]

Oregon Drivers: Get Fresh Air Inside Your Car

Let’s talk about air quality in Oregon. It’s a global issue, but affects us wherever we are. Many decades ago, we began to become aware of how air pollution negatively affects health. But what about the air inside your vehicle? Cabin air filters are now coming on most new sedans in Oregon. These filters clean […]

Dan R’s Automotive: Why Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

Your sedan engine really needs clean air to operate efficiently. Let’s go egghead for a minute. For every gallon of gas we burn driving around Perrysburg, twenty pounds of carbon dioxide comes out the tailpipe. Question: how can a gallon of gas that weighs a little over six pounds produce twenty pounds of carbon dioxide? […]

Busted: The Maintenance-Free Myth In Perrysburg

There’s a segment of the Perrysburg population that’s not committed to proper vehicle maintenance. Mistaken perceptions have crept into the Ohio area over time. Many Perrysburg motorists think the root lies in the fact that modern cars are so reliable. Reliability has improved dramatically in recent years. Quality surveys report fewer problems with new cars […]

Maumee Drivers: Is It Time To Replace Your PCV Valve?

The push for fuel economy has two benefits: using less gas, and fewer emissions. Maumee cars and trucks run cleaner than ever. Maumee people may not realize that the first federally mandated pollution control device came out almost fifty years ago. Maumee folks that were around in the early 60’s may remember that the PCV […]

Keep Your Cool In Oregon

Oregon drivers rely on their car’s coolant system to keep their engine cool. Coolant (also called antifreeze) mixed with water flows through your sedan engine and absorbs heat. The mixture then flows out to the radiator where it’s cooled by air flowing over the radiator. From there the coolant/water mix circulates back through the engine […]