Climate Control

Keeping you comfortable in your vehicle takes a lot of work!

Air conditioning comes from an elaborate system. Did you know what when you turn your air conditioning on your climate control system is actually removing the heat from outside air, cleaning and dehumidifying and keeping it at the temperature you select. This air is then sent through your car in “un-heated” condition.

The A/C operates well during the Spring – Fall because the A/C will drive out moisture when it chills the air and provide drier air for the passenger compartment. The dry air will absorb the water from your windshield and the fog will disappear.

There are lots of factors your car’s climate control system may cause it to not function properly. Don’t worry, Dan R’s will check for leaks and fix your automotive air conditioning and climate control systems to get you back on the road and driving comfortably.

Be Smart. Avoid Problems. Save Money.