Engine Cooling

Help Your Car Keep Its Cool

A properly functioning cooling system, which circulates antifreeze/coolant and dissipates the heat away from the engine, is absolutely necessary to prevent the temperature rising to destructive levels.

The radiator will be the key to the entire cooling system, it is the component that in fact transfers the excess heat produced inside the engine to the outside air. It truly is produced up of numerous rows of small tubes connecting two containers which hold the coolant. Small fins are placed around the tubes to direct air around the outside of the tubes and to assist the heat transfer from the tubes to the outside air.

A cooling program of some kind is necessary in any internal combustion engine. If no cooling program were provided, parts would melt from the heat of the burning fuel, and also the pistons would expand so a lot they could not move inside the cylinders as well as the engine will seize.

The cooling system is designed to lower and control the temperature of the engine and in certain the cylinder barrels and heads, which contain the combustion chamber and valves. Other parts like bearings and pistons are typically cooled by recirculating oil with its own (occasionally thermostatically controlled) cooler.

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