Green Efforts

We strive to protect the Oregon, Ohio community using less resources and having the environment in mind. We realize we can make a difference by “being green” through using efficient resources and managing waste effectively. To follow outline some of our efforts to reduce our footprint.

  • Recycle scrap metal
  • Recycle used oil as our heat
  • Recycle coolant
  • Scrap tires picked up by EPA approved recycler
  • Replaced lights with LED lights
  • Recycle cardboard
  • EPA approved drains

“Thank you for accompanying me during the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s…hazardous waste compliance evaluation inspection… We inspected Dan R’s to determine its compliance with Ohio’s hazardous waste laws as found in Chapter 3734 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), and Chapter 3745 of the Ohio Administrative Code.” “Dan R’s performs service work on automobiles including oil changes, brake work, etc. Dan R’s generates used oil filters which are hot drained and disposed of, flourescent lamps/sodium halides which are recylced by Schneider, antifreeze recylcled by Safety-Kleen, and shop towels which are laundered. You also have an onsite hot water wash which is serviced by Safety-Kleen. Dan R’s has two on-site oil burners (Clean Burn) in which used oil generated from vehicle maintenance is burned.”

-Wendy Miller, Division of Hazardous Waste Management, EPA Passed Inspection