Mufflers and Exhaust

Cut Noise, Cut Pollution

Although one big function your muffler does for your car is keep it quiet, there is much more to the exhaust emission system than just the muffler. The exhaust system is responsible for reducing noise pollution and cutting down on air pollution also.

Mufflers are accessory to cars, which has a specific purpose to reduce the noise produced by the engines. As the British name suggests – Silencers, increase the overall engine efficiency and boost performance, while allows motor vehicles to emit sound in accordance with the law. Having a good muffler also reduces the pressure on the engine and protects its components from long term wear and tear thus increasing the longevity of an engine.

If you drive with crushed or dented exhaust pipes and/or header tubes, you’re asking for trouble. Not only will this make an engine run hotter, you are at high risk for exhaust valve failure from extremely high combustion temperatures.

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