Steering and Suspension

Keep Your Steering Safe

Your suspension system and wheel alignment affect your ability to steer smoothly. Power steering absolutely makes a difference in your driving.

The correct type of power steering boxes will make all of the difference in your car’s performance. The power steering hose connects the power steering pump to the cylinders which allow a vehicle to easily turn left and right. Also referred to as the power steering pump or PS pump, it delivers pressurized power steering fluid directly into the steering rack and manages a steering wheel’s rate of turn.

Vibration of Steering Wheel

At high speeds, the steering wheel may vibrate. This can cause damaged brakes, loose steering linkages, damaged wheels, improperly screwed wheel nuts or bad wheel alignment.

Difficult Turning of Steering Wheel

Sometime it becomes more difficult to turn the steering wheel. This may result from low pressure in tires, improper wheel alignment or a poor power steering box. You can often determine the cause with a basic visual inspection.

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