“I love Dan R’s they’re the best!
– Carol F


“These people were great! They contacted me twice by phone to update me on the progress of repairs! They were very honest and upfront with all costs”
– Deb M


“Very pleasant people to work with”
– Barb W


“Excellent facility and personnel.  Dan R’s puts quality and customer service above all else!”
– Peg E


“Wonderful Christian business, very trustworthy”
– Marilyn K


“They were very quick, efficient, kind and all together wonderful!
– Joanne T


“Efficient service – treats me like family!
– Judy H


“Their technicians are the best trained to find problems no one else can find”
– Sharon T


“I was very impressed from making the call to them to when I picked up my vehicle”
– Paula K


“Good People – Good Service I recommend them to friends and family”
– Deb O


“When making repairs Dan R’s knows what they are doing.  They are always honest. You can trust what they tell you.”
– Mark C


“Pleased – Trustworthy company”
– Betty D


“Dan R’s has a great team and we have trusted them for over 15 years”
– Doris D


“Dan R’s is top shelf”
– Pat and Val L


“1st time here but liked it so much better than the dealerships”
– Jean D


“Very clean facility, staff was so friendly and nice.  Willing to help – it was last minute – no appointment.  They were very accommodating.”
– Sandy B


“As always since the day they opened the service and personnel  have been great.  I recommend them to my friends all the time”
– Pat G


“If I have a problem I know I can rely on them to fix it properly”
– Kathy P


“I recently brought my car to you to have a number of things repaired. When I drove the car back to Ypsilanti where I live I felt I was in a brand new car. The ride was very smooth – the pesky vibrations were gone. Love the new tires and all you did to insure a safe and smooth ride. The brakes no longer shook when applied at high speeds. In fact the brakes have never worked this good and I have driven this car for 5 years. I feel safe and confident that if I need to brake hard the car will respond safely. The transmission operates much better. I find the gear changes to be more accurate the service provided a better running vehicle. Not only did the car run better and safer but it looks so nice. Even though I did not ask you to clean it up, it came back cleaned up inside and out. I am asking my self what happened to the black marks on the back bumper! You went beyond and above to insure a satisfied customer. Let me tell you I am very satisfied. It is worth the 45 minute drive to have you service my car and thanks for providing a ride while my car was being worked on. As a return customer, you have once again won my continued trust.

Thanks for your servant heart and genuine care”
~Ben F.
Ann Arbor, MI